Don’t Get Caught Up in a Code Framework Paradigm

Todd Davis
7 min readMar 21, 2018

I was originally going to name this article “How It Took Me 8 Hours to Write 2 Minutes of Code”, but somehow I didn’t think that most software engineers would find that terribly compelling, and if there is one thing engineers like to do, it’s to determine what’s most efficient and functional. Since you’re reading this, I guess this was the better idea.

It’s easy to underestimate what it means to be a software engineer. When most people think of a engineering position, they view a stereotypical computer nerd, with half a dozen bottles of Mountain Dew lying empty on their desk, Star Wars figures littered throughout their cube, and quotes from The Princess Bride printed out and taped onto their cube walls. Well, okay I can own that. Sort of.

What software engineers really are however are problem solvers. Every day we show up at our keyboards to bravely stare the unknown right in the face, and solve our client’s problems, even the ones that don’t exist quite yet, with creative and efficient solutions. I wish that “bravery” was a skill more people associated with the job.

What software engineers really are however are problem solvers.

If you are anything like me, it helps to have a sword and shield close at hand when daring greatly, and for me, that’s my favorite framework, which at the moment is Angular 5. Chances are, no matter what kind of programming you do, you likely have a popular, open-source framework of your own that you rely on daily. I know that, for me, as a UI\UX front-end programmer, every problem that comes across my desk (my lap really, as I work from home) is likely to be solved by creating a new set of common, MVC-like files. First there’s a View, then a Controller, a Component, a Module, perhaps a Service, and several hundred lines of CLI generated code later, I’m ready to start solving any client’s needs.

Need to collect some profile data on your users? There’s a View for that!

Want to find the closest gas station to your zip code? It’s a mere Service away!

Desperate to find a love match? I’ve got a Module made just for you!

That’s how my day started yesterday. My client needed a new page added to the…



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